Carl Paulson, Founder


Carl Paulson

Carl Paulson won a scholarship to the Vesper George Art School of Boston in 1932. While attending College, he apprenticed under Charles Connick at Connick Stained Glass Studio in Boston, Massachusetts. He was interviewed by the Connick Foundation as one of the last living Stained Glass Artists that worked with Mr. Connick: Click here to see article.  In 1939 Carl created "The Raven Shop" Stained Glass Studio at the St Benedict's Catholic Worker Farm on Ridge Rd. Upton, MA. There he married, built his house, began his family, and started to design and make his own Religious Medallions. 

 "Servant of God" in the Catholic Church, Dorothy Day, said of Carl:  
“Carl Paulson, the stained glass window maker of St. Benedict’s farm, Upton Massachusetts, because he is the servant of all, knows how to live in poverty and hard work, and yet whose life, with beautiful wife and children, is one of beauty and richness and order.” Co-founder of the Catholic Worker Movement, Peter Maurin, stated,"Carl Paulson's work as a stained glass artist appealed to the many Workers who wished to restore the craft ethos of the Middle Ages, as well as
providing his family with a somewhat more secure economic basis than farming alone.”

Yankee Magazine writer Thomas Klewin wrote "Carl Paulson .. is perhaps the New England master in the creation of Stained Glass Medallions.." Carl's first major commission was to design and create the Windows for the St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel at the University of Connecticut in Storrs. As his 10 children grew, Carl trained all of his ten children in the art & craft of Stained Glass. Carl's hobbies were Organic Gardening, supporting the Catholic Worker Movement and Teaching Children in Holy Angel's until he was 92 yrs old. Carl passed away at the age of 99. Here is to obituary: